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Kosmophone represents the brand new italian imprint created by Alex Piccini, an italian DJ and producer based im Venezia.

In this chaotic world where we are overwhelmed with all kind of noises, images and sounds, KOSMOPHONO is born to give a breathing space to artists throughout musical expressions encouraging them to empower their own identities. No rules imposed, no predetermined standards and independent from all musical trends; KOSMOPHONO’s productions fluctuate amongst all different musical universes. Music is what really counts, it doesn’t matter where it comes from or where is it going to. Sounds and emotions come first in KOSMOPHONO’s world.

After two years, the label's owner Alex Piccini returns with a new EP and first vinyl on Kosmophono. A collaboration with Subspace that delivers two great examples of what the label wants to bring this year. "Elpmis" has all the elements to drive you mental, the dark bass goes underneath the skin and the melody building up slowly throughout the track can take you to another world.
Definitely the freakiest part of the EP is "Chicken neck" a track you wouldn't expect from Alex, but with no doubt another bomb. Nothing is too obvious here, but with hypnotic percussions coming out of the blue and the uplifting vocal shouts everything feels just right. The pack is then wrapped with two killer remixes from Danito & Agent! that transform the weirdest track into a dance floor weapon and the other one, from Miguel Lobo where is showing off his production skills once again.

Kosmophone represents an ambitious project that focus on house, tech house and deep house music whereas KOSMOPHONO KLAB involves all sort of experimental electronic music.

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VÖ-Datum: 19.09.2016
Label: kosmophono
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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.