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Kontra Musik is a techno music label from Malmö. Sweden, established in 2006. The swedish label's mission is to bring ''music'' back into electronic music. Kontra-Musik is an independent label free as can be, and the label tries not to follow trends or fashion to avoid becoming the short-lived product of the most recent hype. This means, that the style of the releases will diverge. Genre is boring. Music is fun.

Ulf Eriksson founded Kontra-Musik already 2002. When starting up, Kontra-Musik was a concept supporting and stimulating electronic activity in the southern parts of Sweden. Today Kontra-Musik is mainly a record label but also a booking agentcy (Oni Ayhun, Dopplereffekt, Mokira, Kondens + more) and a concert promoter. Since the first release, year 2006, the label has grown to become a globally well-established and respected entity.

Kontra-Musik tries to releases music with a personality. The presence of the producer must be felt. Kontra aims to release music, not only productions made to satisfy djs and clubs. The dance music producer today can, to categorize, be divided into two types. First we have the producer, and this is the majority - who skillfully manipulate sound to satisfy dance floors and clubs. Then there is the musician - a person who transforms human thought and emotion into music. This is what is interesting to the label. Production skills are important but not enough. Therefore Kontra-Musik will prioritize the funk and the quality of the song.

Some artists connected to the label are Mokira, Kondens, Jason Fine, Rivet and Jonsson/Alter. Heinrich Mueller, Move D, Shed, Scuba, Jus-Ed, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Oni Ayhun are some artists who contributed with remixes.