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kombination research



Kombination Research is the Techno music label founded in 1998, is located in London, United Kingdom, and is run by The Advent. Cisco Ferreira, aka The Advent, started his career around 1986, and since then he has benn involved in the house/techno scene, and besides running Kombination Research, he is also the head label of Alpha Recordings. While he has had a long history wih accomplishments to hang his hat on, The Advent continues to make history. The Advent is fulfilling Cisco's vision as much as ever. He is busy touring as both a DJ and a live performer, producing for numerous labels, and running his own imprint, Kombination Research.

Kombination Research was launched in '98 and the mission was to keep it 100% Advent style, and after departing from London Records in 98, Cisco wanted to build on the love of music strictly for the underground masses. After 13 successful releases on Kombination Research the time had come to present a long player with the same idea as shaded elements, this project “Re Creations” will be based on the same idea, introducing new talent from the last 7 years to mix all the past 18 EP’s on K.R.

Sublabel : Metalbox

Artists on this label : a. paul, Cari Lekebusch, Chris Hope, Eric Sneo, Adam Jay, spektre, Submerge, Virgil Enzinger, The Advent, Spiros Kaloumenos, Hugo Paixao, Deh-Noizer, Gayle San, Angel Alanis, alex bau, Christian Cambas, redhead, Rebecca Ciaglia, Jason Fernandes, amongst many others.

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the advent remake

the advent


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Label: kombination research
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.