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kne deep



Kne'Deep represents the independent american music imprint established in 1996, and run by DJ Rush. Chicago born Isaiah Major (aka Dj Rush) is an amusing and bizarre entertainer. In his early life and career Rush finished his degree in Computer Operations and won several first place awards in Art competitions. Leaving all that behind Rush made his way in the Dj business and his way to Berlin, Germany where his career kicked off into high gear. Not only have his Dj skills and music selection moved and impressed fans all over the globe, his songs have made such a big impact on the dance scene with "Mutha Fucking Bass", "Get On Up", "I Believe" and the list goes on and on.

Conquering so many clubs and events across Europe and gaining so much respect, Rush had a chance to host his own tents at Tomorrowland (Belgium), Dance Valley (Netherlands), Summer Spirit (Germany), and his own Electronic Festivals with Friends at Mystery Wonderland (Germany & Austria). Being such a killing machine, speaker beater and bass cranker, Rush likes to leave his fans and supporters minds and bodies tingling after each set, wanting more, more, more and more.

Following this success he teamed up with Tina Panitzke to start the booking agency and record label Kne'Deep in Berlin. In 2001 he displaced Jeff Mills as the Reader's Choice for most popular DJ in Groove-Magazine (a German magazine for electronic music released since 1989).

As his fame grew, he used his status to help up and coming techno artists get their breakthrough by remixing their tracks, or releasing them on his label, Kne'Deep. He sometimes DJ's and MC's simultaneously, a unique way to entertain the crowd. DJ Rush is often regarded as one of the most iconic persons of techno.[5]HYPERLINK l "cite_note-technobilder-6"

Over the last decade, it has made quite an impact. The artists within the agency have all left their mark on the electronic music scene – manifesting not only, that harder techno appeals to a wide audience, but that you can build something lasting with the right kind of attitude. The people involved in Kne'Deep are united by more than just their love of music. They are joined by the notion, that unity and an open mind can conquer all. That’s why Kne'Deep is more than an agency; it’s a family affair.

Showcasing the label’s unmistakable tough techno style, the compilation features the likes of DJ Arcane, Sam Silva, Patrick DSP, Huma-Noyd, DJ Bold, Tomash Gee, Subsonic, Alex Kvitta, DJ Emme and exclusive tracks from Rush himself, ‘EPM Selects: Kne' Deep’ is a timely reminder of just how far Rush and the label have come ahead of their Kne’ Deep Tent @ Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium (22 – 24 July).