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Klangscheiben Records



The label Klangscheiben-Records was founded in 2004 and devotes itself to the music styles minimal Techno and Minimal House. Label owner is Thomas Bäz. He lives in South-Thuringia (Germany). At first the label existed of 2 DJs who appeared in local clubs. Since summer 2007 Klangscheiben-Records offers also to other artists and new talents the possibility to give their art to the best. It would not act only as a DJ's label Since Then. From this point Thomas was looking for some new Producers. The aim of the label is not the production and distribution of mass media. Lover of this music would like to supply Klangscheiben-Records with inspirations and new ideas. Therefore, it is for the label owner not about profit, but about the love to the music. Each of our taken up artists produces from fascination and passion to the music. Meanwhile more than 10 digital releases are available for download in all well known downloadshops, because since May 2008 a distribution contract (DIGDIS / Straight distribution) exists. This allows since then to provide music in these downloadshops for DJ and listener. This was an important step for Klangscheiben-Records, because thereby even more listeners or DJs are accessible. In late summer 2009 label owner Thomas ventured another big step. He released the first publication on vinyl. With this thing he would also like to serve himself and those which swear on the „black gold“ like him.

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