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Kittball Digital



Kittball Digital:

KITTBALL RECORDS is the very own label imprint of the so called Tube & Berger monkeys and Juliet Sikora...

The 2 German producers founded Kittball in 2005 and tracks like “The Young & The Wild Ones” “Funky Shit” or “Hayabusa” made the label internationally known.

The latest Kittball project IT BEGAN IN AFRICA caused worldwide attention…

IT BEGAN IN AFRICA – The Kittball Records charity compilation with tracks by illustrious people like: Timo Maas, Ida Engberg, David West or Format:B - just to name a few, gets support and airplay in every corner of the planet by all the top jocks. The track “Bolingo Gringo” by Andreas Henneberg & Simon² became a massive hit on Beatport 2010 and entered various international dance charts and 2011 for the IT BEGAN IN AFRICA Vol2 label heads Tube & Berger attend with there track for the charity compilation the Beatport all over number one for 3 weeks.
As you can see: the Kittball crew did a nice job so far… And there is loads of KITT to come in 2011….