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kinnego records



Kinnego Records represents the independent music label established in 2009, based in Northem Ireland and run by Boxcutter.

Boxcutters work, due to its bass-led and rhythmically 2 step nature, is often categorised as dubstep, although in style and idiosyncracies has more in common with IDM artists such as Squarepusher and Ziq. Together with Kinnego Flux the Belfast based band/ensemble. Funk and soul music with electronics Using instruments, vocals, computers and hardware synths and modules.

Barry Lynn aka Boxcutter is from Lurgan, co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. He started sending me "drill'n'bass" demos back in 2002 (I think) but they soon started to have a big uk garage/2-step influence which i was into at the time. After his release on Hotflush, we released his debut album Oneiric and the Tauhid ep both of which are the toast of the scene. etc.

The second release on Kinnego comes from Space Dimension Controller, the techno funk alias of 19-year-old Jack Hamill. Following on perfectly from Boxcutter and Kinnego Flux‘s “A Familiar Sound” on KGO001, it features 2 tracks of deep, loved-up electro. Equally inspired by both the tape warped soundtrack to Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace and early Aphex Twin, Jack’s all-analogue production gives his tracks a timeless sound that’s a mile away from contemporary electro and house. The beats are low slung and funky, and the melodies are addictive and show a natural flair. On “The Love Quadrant”, a girl / boy vocal exchange sets the scene while the track builds momentum, before the whole thing spaces off on a sweet minimoog solo. On the flip, “Electropod-250 Collision” has a deep 808 pulse and flanged bass, topped off with Detroit-inspired melodies and blurred out reverbs.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.