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Kina Music is an independent music label founded in 2008, is located in North Italy and represents the project driven by Leo and Omar, two of the most revered artists of the venetian underground scene. The duo's desire was creating one of the leading labels in Italy and Europe, and they have achieved its goal thanks to years of experience in the electronic music scene first as Oel&Polygon and then as Re-UP.
Re-Üp share a strong affinity for their art and a common objective, which is more important than any hype or individual pursuit, making Leo and Omar a very special duo! Their music is the match point of two styles. Each molded by house music of the late 90's and following movements of progressive, tribal and techno.. Like well crafted recipes their diverse influences enhance the elements of their work, generating an irresistible tension and sexy vibe in every track.

Following their reformation the boys know as Re-UP became the figure heads of Kina Music. A leading Italian label getting a massive support from DJs and their audience, but holding on to an underground profile. The duo have been shaping the label with poignancy and personality, cultivating pioneering music with warm rolling grooves and a mindful approach to the dancefloor. Selections like "Focus On Bucharest" has been one of the most recognizable EPs of the imprint to date.

Supported by B79 Music, publishing group owned by Davide Bomben, Kina is going to be a future highlight in the club scene of the next years. Kina Music is a concept and not just a label, it wants to be a new stage for talented electronic artists from the world scene, a way to express themselves and to show what's good in the underground music movement in Europe and outside of it. What they want to create is a way to connect the ideas of Kina’s artists to the clubbers and the music lovers that are curious to know what's new in club music.

Kina Music is the home for a huge variety of artists, such as Bourne, David Gtronic, Dubfound, Diwex, Alex Q, David Pher, Dubsons, Adrian Belling, Basti Grub, DJ Invoice, Echonomist, Arnaud Le Textier, Alex Gandy, Cosmokolor,Manuel Araneda, Marcus Vectorm, Ken Hayakawa, Jean Bressan, Manuel De Lorenzi, Lifer, Hansel, Re-Up, Outart, Simone Gatto, Smoke Sykes, Tornike, Sonodab, and many many others.

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Mariano Meteljan Nocturnal (Howl Ensemble Remix)

Mariano Meteljan

Nocturnal (Howl Ensemble Remix)

VÖ-Datum: 06.07.2015
Label: kina music
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Ferro Hikari / Nimatek (Vinyl Only)


Hikari / Nimatek (Vinyl Only)

VÖ-Datum: 25.07.2014
Label: kina music
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