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Killaz Records represents the Hard techno label founded in April, 2004 and owned by Torsten Kanzler, a German Techno DJ and producer based in Berlin. He is the founder of TK Records.

The launch of the new label was the Maxi „Chegados“ from the Brazilian DJ-team Pet Duo. Torsten was able to develop freely and to live out his own ideas of techno while making them accessible to the scene. Then, in 2005 came a few single releases. „Der Kanzler Kommt“ was the album debut on Nerven Records. About 12 months later „Die Große Koalition“ followed, this time on the Killaz label, uniting almost all renowned hard techno artists on two records. Almost a year later and after numerous single releases on other labels, the second solo album „Der Kanzler Kommt Wieder“, was also released on Killaz. After more than three years of label work it was time for „Best of Killaz“, a mixed cross-section of the previously published releases.

The public response to the label grew throughout this time. The Killaz mask helped Torsten to meet fans around the world. To satisfy his addiction to weird sounds, in 2005 he founded the sublabel Error Records. The same year Serial Killaz was born. The Killaz sublabel devoted itself exclusively to the release of qualitative and straightforward techno sets from the biggest artists of the hard techno scene.

Killaz Records is the home platform for artists like: Pet Duo, Torsten Kanzler, Viper XXL, Sven Wittekind, Dennis Kae, Manu Kenton, Virgil Enzinger, Manu Kenton, Tobias Luke, Alexander Weinstein, Marco Remus, Recyver Dogs, amongst many others.