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Kill A Beat Records



Kill A Beat Records represents the Berlin based music label specialized in Techno music and run by Alexander Sander.

It was the hot summer 2005 that shall bring a new techno label to life. Anyhow this time of and salesmanager at Intergroove from 1997 to 2002 in Sao Paolo (Brazil). For years Sander had a taste for hot Rhythms. He made himself a name in the musical blending between Europe and South America.

Originally thought as an event and booking Agency, Kill A BeAt turned then into a music label. Already with his first release, Sander made sure that he couldn’t be type casted, what he didn’t anyway want to be.

Stylewise in between minimal, electro and tech-house, Alex Sander managed from the beginning to integrate different national and international artists and musical influences in his productions.

His aim & goal isn’t just to get great vinyl’s on the turntables but to be upfront in the music business and influence the musical development nowadays. The result is that in the last 6 years his releases were noticed by a large audience from Berlin to Sao Paolo.

To resume a balance in between business and enjoying his passion. 6 years of growing and getting things forward.

What gave him the opportunity to release his jubilee compilation. Including several well known DJ’s and producers like Andreas Henneberg, with a number 1 track that he produced together with Gunnar Stiller from Voltage Musique. The Kill A BeAt 5 years compilation was already rich of few Alex Sander‘s sounds and of some others from fellow producers of the Berliner and South American techno scene like Lars Wickinger, Rekardo Rivalo, Wehbba (Brazil), Marcio Kantana or Sascha Braemer, just to name few of them.