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Kiddfectious represents the Label based in Manchester, UK, and founded by Alex Kidd. Alex Laddin, aka Alex Kidd, is the UK electronic dance music DJ & Producer, A&R at GGR (Goodgreef Recordings) and owner of imprint Kiddfectious.

The career of Alex Kidd reads like the dream wish list of any hard dance DJ. For more than a decade, The Kidd has caused more waves than the most turbulent of tsunamis, and he continues his reign today as one of the undisputed leaders of Hard Dance. A constant morphing of style & inspiration means that each set is an elaborate and imaginative onslaught of beats, samples & technical wizardry, all packaged up by one of the most entertaining & engaging performers hard dance has ever seen.

Alex Kidd is one of its true investors, be it through his own productions, events and performance or through his support and dedication in tomorrow's stars. This unadulterated passion & energy has been the reason for his success so far, and the reason that he will continue his reign both in & out of the limelight for years to come.
The Kidd embodies a powerful hybrid, splicing together elements of both DJ'ing & live performance, all whilst locked under the spellbinding craftmanship of visual synchronisation.

In its 5th year, The Kiddfectious team have developed a diverse & innovative record label, staged club events at some of the finest venues, released highly acclaimed albums & compilations, and put together world tours that has seen Alex play in over 40 countries to thousands of people around the world.

Sublabels: Kiddfectious Digital, Kiddfectious Xperiment, Tekfexious.

Artists on this label: Alex Kidd, Amber D, Callum D, Kidd Kaos, Danielle Mondello, Lisa Lashes, amongst several others.