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KickMaSomaAss Records



KickMaSomaAss (KMSA) is a Slovak-German Record Label specialized to hardgroove techno, tribal techno and funky techno style. It was founded at the end of 2015 by a slovakian dj and producer who is living in Germany. The purpose of this label is to bring so-called "Rare Techno Groove" back to vinyl, which is pushed out from music scene with slow bpm styles like minimal, deep or edm. We want to bring new life to vinyl industry which is bombarded by commercial music styles and give our listeners the already mentioned rare techno groove. Our motto is "Vinyl Never Die" and "Real Djs Play Vinyl".

5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.    

5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.