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Ki is the Japanese word for tree

"And like a tree the so titled label struck itís roots deep into the soil of electronic Music"

Since 2009 Ki build up a solid stem of international artists that grew along the way since the Labelís start. Sometimes technoish, melancholic or playful electro pop infused with vocals Ė the Ki releases are diverse in sound and genre, but related in quality. Itís not Kiís thing to stick to one direction.

Most of the Label's musicians are somewhat involved in many disciplines of art. From the smallest detail in production, to the whole package - each Release is a piece of art throughout. And because fine art looks best on a proper sized canvas of 12", Ki releases itís music primarily on Vinyl. To look at, feel, listen to and love.

Cologne's Ki imprint never ceases to surprise with deep, deep sounds coming from beyond the genre barrier. The label's latest feat is the "Holidays" 7" from upcoming dj/producer duo Colo, featuring a well-tempered remix from Christian Löffler on the flipside - it's the teaser for their debut album "UR" expected in Spring 2014