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Key Records Vinyl



Key Records Vinyl represents the Berlin based independent music label born in 2010 from the mind and the taste of Freddy K to let the thechno of new and not so new artists be heard worldwide.

One of the most important exponent of the rave roman movement in the early 90's: with his radio show and records shop "Virus" and several releases on "ACV Rec.", Freddy K becomes one of the best techno artist in Italy and Europe.

Alongside his first album “Rage of Age” 1994 (3rd place on the french and german magazines “Out Soon” and “Frontpage”) produces several remixes for Robert Armani, Dave Clark and Adam X.

In 2010 starts the label "Key Records", partner on "M_Rec LTD" and his artists management"K1971", in terms to discover new talents and support famous artists.

Now based in Berlin where collaborates with Tresor Club for a series of parties to promote his booking agency "Unbroken".

Even though the artists presented by Key Records are new they have good international feedback and they will be side by side with already affirmed artists.

Key Records is a label followed by the strictly techno supervision of Freddy K. You will be hearing people talk about it but mainly you'll just be hearin it!

"My techno is your techno and your techno is mine!" eh eh eh!

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Label: key records vinyl
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