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Keine Liebe Records represents the German based independent music label launched in 2009 and founded by Prinz Pi.

Prinz Pi formerly known as Prinz Porno is a German Hip Hop artist from Berlin City. He was born 1979 as Friedrich Kautz in Berlin-Zehlendorf. In 1998 he had his first big hit “Keine Liebe”. After several years of remaining in the underground scene, he released four albums in just one year (2005) and a double album called “Donnerwetter” in 2006.

On 13 July 2009 Prinz Pi was announced on his official blog that he founded his own record label called No Love Records, on which his new releases will be published. So far, the album Teenage Mutant Horror Show 2 and appeared on that label in 2009 in 2010 the Illuminati EP.

On January 28, 2011 his latest solo album Rebel appeared for no reason. It debuted at number 9 in the charts, making it the most successful album of Prince Pi It contained guest posts by E-Rich, chef, gynecologist, Timi Hendrix, Mudi and Raf Camora. The first single ‘’You Are’’ was published on 14 January.

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Prinz Pi Teenage Mutant Horror Show II

Prinz Pi

Teenage Mutant Horror Show II

VÖ-Datum: 04.09.2009
Label: keine liebe
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