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Keep It Cheap Records represents Eric Duncan's label, the New York based music imprint launched in 2010.

The label’s first release came from the owner himself with the first ‘’Disco Cheap’’ album. Disco edits are trending downward at the moment, a bit of relief as reworks had been getting lazier and lazier, when they're not outright boots. But much as he did before disco experienced a revival a few years ago, Rub N Tug/Still Going's Eric Duncan, AKA Dr. Dunks, marches on, a cottage industry unto himself. As if the C.O.M.B.I. imprint weren't enough, Dunks's has commenced a new edit label. The A-side lends the new series its name, a funky incessant stomper with a chopped vocal uttering "LIGHTS all around me" and "bring us together," making it a no-brainer for peak time.

But it's the b-side that will have tongues wagging. First heard during DJ Harvey's Beats in Space appearance in January, Dunks dug deep into the '80s countrypolitan cheapy bin to come away with a sultry edit. Keeping the honky-tonk dark slink and rhinestone clacks of the original track, he re-jiggers the woozy guitar solo, and cuts away the nasally chorus. It's a fairly simple way to make an edit, true, yet in never allowing release to come, "No P's" revels in its "potential."