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Kazoo Records represents the Techno-oriented label founded by French producers Mat303 & Josh Love. The French imprint was launched in 2006 and is based in Champagne-Ardennes, France.

For Josh Love, it all began when he was 18 and took charge of a show on local radio. For 4 years, he programmed the best in electronic music.

In 2002, he joined the French website "Clubxtrem" while proposing every month dj and producer
interviews including Chris Liebing, Max Walder, Monika Kruse, Miss Kittin, Dj Preach, Cave, and many others. 2002 also saw the creation of an association named "Oxygen", two concepts of evenings which resulted in Ritual (Techno / Electro) and Oxygen (Prog House). During two years, many dj's were invited : Marco Bailey, Zzino, Tom Hades, Tomaz, Pierre, Trish Van Heyde… ,many artists pushing the electronic music movement.

2004 was a new turn for the association with the organization of "Festive Nation", a festival featuring 30 dj's.

Josh Love then met, in 2005, Mat303, who become very quickly his production partner. After some work weeks, they produced their first release together under the name "Princessita", an EP signed on the Pedro Delgardo label Yin Yang.

Very quickly, they wanted to invest more into the electronic movement by the creation of"Kazoo Records", a techno label on which they propose quality releases with dancefloor impact.

Their second techno label "StarsTraxx" is only available in digital format and finish this 2008 year in the techno Top 3 labels on the prestigious digital shop "Trackitdown".

Their last digital label "Lift’In Records" oriented electro house / minimal provides the finishing touches on their desires to produce new global artists.

Kazoo Records has reached its tenth release, and it back catalogue includes collaborations with acts like: Bryant Baker, Raul Mezcolanza, Giacomo Stallone, Bob D, Mat 303, Josh Love, Elton D, Bodie, Axel Karakasis, Tiago S, amongst several others.