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Katermukke represents the Tech House / Minimal label based in Berlin, Germany, and was founded in 2011 by Dirty Doering. Velten Doering aka Dirty Doering was born in Leipzig in 1978, but grew up in the Black Forest in southern Germany. He started DJing professionally at the age of 19, and soon followed his career to Berlin. He rose quickly as a part of the club and underground scene in Berlin, and soon the most influential locations such as "BAR25" (resident), "Watergate", "Tresor", "Club 103", "Arena", "HomeSweetHome", "Bachstelzen", "Rote Sonne","Maria" and "Weekend" became the places to frequently see Dirty Doering
playing his sexy electronic dance sound.

In addition to his DJ tours, back in Berlin, he continued with other related activities.Together with his DJ colleague André Gardeja, he successfully ran the famous DJ record „freizeitglauben“ for several years. He set up a well known party series, the „labradorbar“, among others. In 2006 he founded the label „ALLYOUCANBEAT“ with Housemeister. Then he created the label „Rauschenbach Music“ under which he producedes his own releases.

Nowadays he is running the label “Katermukke” which is close to his resident club “Katerholzig”.

The german imprint Katermukke has an impressive back catalogue, releasing a variety of products and it has collaborated with numerous acts such as: Dirty Doering, Sascha Braemer, Mira & DIma, Nico Stojan, Canson, Marcus Meinhardt, Britta Srnold, Yukazu, Kai Kurve, Jens Bond, Umami, Animal Trainer, Gunjah, David Keno, Ante PErry, Miyagi, Pier Bucci, The Cheapers, and many many others.

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Rey & Kjavik Rkadash (2x12")

Rey & Kjavik

Rkadash (2x12")

VÖ-Datum: 17.07.2017
Label: katermukke
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