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Karatemusik represents the independent German based label founded in 2003 and is a subdivision of KarateKlMb.
KarateKlub represents the deutsch label releasing minimal and tech house music, was established in 2004, is located in Berlin, Germany, and is run by Oscar Ozz, a DJ / Producer / Labelowner from Berlin. Mixing ultra functionable techhouse tracks with disco appeal.

Using a combination of traditional DJ equipment such as turntables and combining them with more modern techniques such as Traktor, Oscar creates a unique blend and style. He loves to DJ long sets, he loves to party and he knows how to WOW! his audience.

Besides running KarateKlub, Oscar is also the head of the following imprints: Lordag Records, Kol Mojito, Extrasmart and KarateMusik.

Sublabel: EXX Records.

In the last decade, KarateMusik has developed an impressive back catalogue with releases and collaborations from acts like: Oscar, Polygamy Boys, Electrixx, Nicolas Stefan, Nudisco, Jeans Team, Ampere, Tjark, Max Freegrant, Elite Superstars, Work In Progresss, Pussycat Swingers, Stereofreak, amongst many many others.

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Label: karatemusik
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