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Karat records



Karat is a French label releasing minimal, techno, house and IDM founded back in 1999 by Laetitia de Katapult and Alex Katapult.

Karat has always stayed true to their basic philosophy of keeping an open mind in terms of artistic objectives. The simple idea is that, if it sounds good, it deserves to be offered to the public. They have a certain reputation for dancefloor-oriented tunes, but the first priority is to present a wide selection of artists with their own personal vision of style and music. The musical spectrum ranges from pop, house, electro to hip-hop or funk, blended together freely. In the long line of releases, you'll find a coherent variation of styles, solidly distinctive, yet joined by a common goal: making good music.

Laetitia de Katapult has been an activist in the electronic music scene for so many years now. Due to a real passion for music, she opened, along with her all time partner, her first record shop “katapult” back in 1996 in Normandy, France. They moved to Paris in 2000 and while running the new record shop in France’s capital city, they, therefore, created their own record label called Karat as well as starting parties/events that, not only allowed them to meet great,talented and famous artists, but also gave them such a reputation worlwide.

Having discovered new talents in the past several years, it is now time for Laetitia to be acknowledged as a top dj. She obviously carries on taking care of the Katapult parties as long as managing the Karat record label but that doesn’t stop her from getting recknowned while djing in all the major european cities. She’s concentrating on her own music production lately, we surely can expect a 12″ by the end of 2009 on the karat label.

Karat is now also active as booking agents for dj's and live shows, we currently represent the following artists: Mr Full Destructor, Bulgur Brother, Krikor, Automat, Chloe, Cabanne, Shalark, Mag Spencer, Skat, Tom Ruig, 69DB, Sucre Sale, Eddie C, Double U, Hot Keys, Le Chien Perdu,Philippe Cam, amongst many others.