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kant recordings



Kant Recordings is a Swedish label with a passion for beats with a soul, exploring techno, minimal, deep house, tech house or whatever is making a stir on the dance floor. The man behind the label is Thomas Eriksson, who was one the founders of the legendary label Dunkla back in the 90’s.

Up next on Kant Recordings is the Swedish producer Pehr Genlogue. From the moment we first heard the demo of"Pincer Movement", we knew that the track was special.

With it's incredible sound of depth defying bass, pulsing synths and dramatic breaks, help it stand out from the crowd. On the remix front we have brought in some of the Swedish techno elite.

Agaric, who is frantically busy in the aftermath of his highly respected album on Ovum, delivers and arena shattering remix. Nima Khak (Drumcode/Truesoul) takes the original on a more thought provoking, deeper journey. And to round out this release we have the Swedish minimalistic masters, Kretipleti, who twist things up and take it dark.

Kant Recordings is just a great label with great MUSIC!