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Kamrani Records



Dutch record label Kamrani Records founded in 2012 by artist Ebrahim Kamrani in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The story of Kamrani Records began after his very early music project in house/trance genres later called 'Mebramins' released with other major music labels in Netherlands, England, Germany and Finland. He decided to establish his own label as an outlet for his creative sound.

Interest in the label with a different style started growing and soon Kamrani Records was signing several new talents. Kamrani's vision of great electronic music is a blend of timeless melodies, dynamic themes, and driving basslines combined with striking percussions and special elements only new talents know about it!

Kamrani Records releases top quality dance music, ranging from clubby tech sound to melodic trance and progressive house, catering for DJs, clubbers, and other electronic music lovers alike. Digital store Trackitdown provides Kamrani Record's Catalog. At Kamrani Records we are always in search of fresh original sound - we don't pursue trends but release whatever we consider great music. That basically means we should be able to release every genre of music. No matter if it's trance or house or even classical tune; if we love it, we definitely give the opportunity to artists.