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kammer musik



Kammer Musik was born in our heads in the middle of 2008. We are hanging around with barbecue and some beer and think about a name for the label. First there was the music and then the label.
What we want to express with ?Kammer Musik? explains the free encyclopedia for german best: ?in the past Kammer Musik identify the notion of musik who has been unperformed commercial but rather for the baronial chamber. (Ok, now we've cleared that up.)
The Artwork of Kammer Musik is made by Fry2k. He gives us a face with template, mac and cans. In November 2008 we released our first record called ?Country Side EP? by Oddvar with a first edition of 500 pieces.
For Oddvar it was a big kick into his career as dj and producer. He had not released own music on vinyl until this time and in the mean time he can count 3 releases in his rack.
Also the Italian talent Giuseppe Cennamo has released his first record on Kammer Musik. Until then he had released on labels such as 8bit and Leftroom.
We are looking forward still to shine with young talents and international stars to enrich you with fine sounds.

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Kammer Musik Special Pack 02

kammer musik

Special Pack 02

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Label: kammer musik
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.