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K209 is a Berlin based collaboration between Milton Bradley and Henning Baer. The Raw & Dirty Underground Techno is based in Berlin and was founded in 2010.

Critically acclaimed releases on Prologue, Zooloft, and Ann Aimee, as well as the tracks on his own labels, have pushed Milton to the forefront of the techno underground and made him one of the most exciting up and coming producers in the genre. It’s this ability to stand out from the crowd that has seen his talent recognised and rewarded, prompting Grounded Theory to make Milton Bradley their resident dj.

Not a lot is known about Milton Bradley’s personal identity, but his work is far from secluded. He has gone from being a consumer to actually writing Berlin’s Techno history as a producer, remixer and international dj.

Alongside Henning Baer he then created 'K209' as an outlet to release more raw and industrial techno cuts. More recently in 2012 and inspired by the mid 90’s acid sound, Milton set up the label ‘Alien Rain’.

The german imprint’s first releases received rave reviews on Resident Advisor and leading to Baer being named one of Tea And Techno's "Ones To Watch for 2012." Baer's techno is raw, dirty, and uncompromising, with an immersive energy that has made him one of Berlin's most sought-after DJs. In addition to his own Grounded Theory parties, Baer makes frequent appearances at Tresor, Arenaclub, and Stattbad, as well as becoming a recent favorite at the renowned Berghain, where his sets explode with ballistic energy well into Monday morning.

Their last release, the third on the label—offers four tools that translate the raw and gloomy energy of Grounded Theory onto wax.

Baer's "Promise" shivers with ballistic energy and an atmospheric grottiness. Though full of prickly metallic textures, it has as much dead space as it does forward motion. "Lucent Face" is subtler and yet more suited for peak time, with gulps of bass beneath a mesmerizing sequence of resonant bells. Bradley pursues a similarly tangled melody on the aptly-titled "Psychotropic," with metronomic radar sweeps suggesting an incoming threat, and a great bassline that rumbles and flexes throughout. Bradley builds "Emotional State Of Shock" off an evasive air-raid siren, but the main melody eventually gets detuned to leave a yawning gap of bass. It's full of microscopic details but outstays its welcome, losing effectiveness as it rumbles along.

Baer is moving onward and upward in 2014, with high-profile records such as his just-released Seltene Erden on Sonic Groove and more coming on K209 to add to an already significant discography. K209 releases continue to fly off the shelves at Hard Wax, with key selectors recognizing their quality and effectiveness as dancefloor weapons. As a DJ, producer, and promoter, Henning Baer is sure to be shaping the face of techno for years to come.

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