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K-Tel International is an "As-Seen-On-TV" company, which is most noted for its compilation music albums, such as The Super Hits series, The Dynamic Hits series and The Number One Hits series. It is also known for "The Record Selector," "The Micro-Roast," "The Tote-a-Tune portable stereo," and many other products.

The company has been in business since the late 1960s and is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It also has subsidiaries or other controlled entities in the U.S., the UK and Germany. In the UK, the company is known as "K-tel UK Limited." In the U.S. and Canada it is known as "K-tel International," with U.S.-distributed compilation albums distributed from Plymouth, Minnesota.

The founder of K-Tel was Philip Kives. Kives, a demonstration salesman who had previously sold cookware door-to-door and in a department store, used television advertising in 1962 to sell Teflon-coated frying pans to a large-scale audience. Kives bought and marketed a number of other products from Seymour Popeil, father of Ronco founder Ron Popeil, such as the "Dial-o-matic," a type of food slicer that allowed the user to "dial in" the thickness of slices produced, the Veg-O-Matic, and the "Feather Touch Knife."

K-Tel was formally founded in 1968. After a successful decade in the 1970s, the company expanded rapidly both through acquisitions in its core area of business and diversification into other areas. Kives' cousin Raymond Kives was president of K-Tel USA from 1967 to 1977, and president of K-Tel Europe from 1977 to 1984. K-Tel diversified in its early years, and Raymond began to concentrate on building the U.S. market and music sales while Phil concentrated on housewares.

The company built the business of releasing compilation albums that combined material from a number of popular artists onto a single theme album using the tag line "20 Original Hits! 20 Original Stars!". The company could earn revenue in this way, because they negotiated directly with artists and labels for the rights to reproduce their original recordings, in the process also securing a long-term asset through adding those recordings to their catalog.

The company also created original records, the most notable of which were the Hooked on Classics series of classical recordings with the London Symphony Orchestra.[9] In 1995, the company released the Club Mix dance compilation series, which became the highest selling music series in the company's history, with several RIAA Gold and Platinum certifications.

Today, K-Tel remains a memorable brand associated with TV marketing and the music industry. The company now leverages their significant back catalog in a digital rights and distribution offering that supplies content to large online music retailers.

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