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junky robot wax



Junky Robot Wax Records represents the France based music label launched in 2011 as the solid version of his Minimal Digital label Junky Robot.

Noisebuilder is a French DJ & Live-acts /composer/producer hailing from the rave party scene.

A former member of the famous free-party underground collective “Heretik System” where he meet and work many years with POPOF. Noisebuilder has now participated as a solo artist in countless events throughout France, other European countries, Latin America, the Middle-East, Australia.

Noisebuilder is a versatile artist who explores various genres of music. Today,he stresses his preference towards electro-techno.

Noisebuilder is featured on various labels such as Level 75, Goog Records, Ministry Of Sound, Neverending Records, Verboten Records, Skyline Type Grooves...

In 2008 Noisebuilder created his own label ”Junky Robot” to express his artistic ambitions more freely.

Today he continues to play his music all over the world and its label is a recognized reference