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junk yard connections



Junk Yard Connections is an indie label founded 2010 and based in Stocktown, Sweden. The swedish imprimt is a vinyl only label, with strictly no-repress policy and is by opretated by Mr. Tophat. Swedish boy in the age of 20-ish based in Stockholm, Mr Tophat is the President and founder of Junk Yard Connections and co founder and partnership in Karlovak Recordings along with Art Alfie since 2011.

Beside running record labels and spinning wax, studies in architechture and design at Konstfack (University of arts, crafts and design) in Stockholm, Sweden.

JYC-001 is the first release from Junk Yard Connections. A small indie-label formed by a twenty years old guy from Stockholm. Highvalley is a floating track with elements and inspiration from jungle like Motown, but still with a steady housegroove. Feel is a track with a lot of melancholy mixed with a great swing. Perfect for the afterhour! JYC-001 was released in wax and strictly limited to 250 numbred copies.

Since its inception the label has seen the birth of seven releases. The idea behind the label was to put out all kinds of music and primary from artists around the local area of Stockholm. However, most releases have so far been more in the 'deep-house'-genre and with artists from different places in the world. As they say 'It's so f**king boring and stupid to just look out the window on what you have in your own garden, instead of seeing what's working in context.'

Due out in January 2014 is a new dangerously beautiful 7" from Ben Morris, with three old tracks, that were made almost 10 years ago.

Subsequently JYC-009 with an Alfie track on the A-side and a Tophat one on the opposite and a debute EP coming out from two swedes with three mellow organic deephouse cuts.

During the same time period (April/May) they are also playnning ot put out their first concept album LP as well, which will be produced with a 303, 707 and some other hardware. This special LP will only be out in an edition of 99 LPs along with a book, so be quick if you want this!

Junk Yard Connections is the home platform for artists like Adam Strömstedt, Alan Delius, Art Alfie, Ben Morris, Christopher Rau, Hannes Netzell, Mr. Tophat and new others to come in the future.