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jubilee records



Jubilee Records is a division of Music Mail Tonträger GmbH and it was founded in 2001 by Rafael Marionneau together with Nartak D. Schübel (DJ Nartak).

Chill-out and radio DJ compiler, art-director, designer, label owner and event manager and founder of Jubilee Records and of the chill-out project "Abstrait", Raphaël Marionneau is considered since many years as one of the most creative artists in Hamburg and a leading chill-out DJ.

Born in nantes in France, Raphaël moved to Hamburg in the early 90's and pioneered the chill-out culture in Hamburg by inventing "Le Café Abstrait" at the legendary mojo club in Hamburg with a modern interpretation of slowness. with the success, Raphaël develops his vision with many club and cultural events, produces radio shows and releases different series of compilations on his own label.
The media acclaimed the french soundpilot to be one of Hamburg’s most creative artists. Raphaël is regularly booked for many events and since many years, "Abstrait" is on air with different weekly radios shows.

Jubilee records opens up an atmosphere of downbeat and clubsounds to offer the proof that music is the connection between people and between body and mind.

In the last decade, Jubilee Records has developed an impressive back catalogue with a variety of releases and collaborations with acts like: Deep Dive Corp, The Havan Boys, Raphael Marionneau, Ohm-G, Fatbacksound, Orbient, Bazille Noir, Hippiehaus, Martin Böttcher, Emou, Monodeluxe, Konferenz, Hattler, amongst many others.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.