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jqm recordings



JQM Recordings is a record label - part of JustQualityMusic media.

When JustQualityMusic was born in October of 2008, we knew that sooner or later we would to push things forward and expand our business with different projects. Our main focus back in Chicago in 2008 was to expose electronic music to a wider audience by starting a 24/7 online radio station that plays only the best techno, tech house, deep house and minimal sets from around the world.

At the time, this type of music was barely visible on FM radio stations, if at all. We have since expanded our work to many different projects that would further our goal of exposing the world to the best music in different ways. Some of these projects have included bringing some of the biggest names in electronic music to perform in the local scenes in both Chicago and Washington, DC, as well as create numerous podcasts, conduct dozens of interviews, shoot thousands of pictures and hours of video, all of which are posted on our JQM YouTube Channel and JustQualityMusic.com website.

Through all our efforts in the past few years, JQM has since gained widespread recognition in the electronic music business. We’ve enjoyed hearing the positive feedback coming in from across the world, from all over the United States and Europe, to Asia and finally Australia!

JustQualityMusic is a brand that has prided itself in its ability to consistently deliver only the best music to our fans and we believe we have gained their confidence. Many people have asked us to make sure we keep pushing things forward, so it was a natural progression to begin our next – and possibly biggest – project: JQM Recordings! We are very excited that we are now able to bring you some of the best music that we have discovered, in both digital and vinyl formats.

Stay tuned for upcoming new releases from already well-established artists, as well as some newcomers that we believe are incredibly talented and we can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear their music.