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Joyfull Family Records



Joyfull Family Records represents the italian label founded by brothers Cristian Carpentieri and Andrea Carpentieri freshly in 2010.

The Joyfull Family story began in 1997 at Mediterraneo, also known as Med.it, the most famous house summer club on the beach in Puglia, south of Italy, near Otranto. That is where Cristian Carpentieri started djing and found his tastes in music. He ran wild and wished for a life that could only be about his great loves: collecting records, throwing parties, making music and meeting girls.

Cristian began to play in most important clubs in Southern Italy such as Guendalina where he got the chance to spin his records with world top dj's. It was when Cristian Carpentieri and Chico Perulli, resident DJ with Cristian in many clubs, met Guido Nemola, a young and fresh DJ, producer and remixer, currently one of the hottest rising talents in Italy, Joyfull Family became a music project directed to create underground tracks and house remixes.

"Da Breaker" was the first release of the team, it included a Pasta Boys remix and it became a massive club hit and even was first in sales charts in Italy and in other countries in Europe (Pete Tong Essential Selection, for example).

Joyfull Family began to remix a lot of international artists such as Corrina Joseph, Shawn Cristopher and the classic house song of Dajae, "Brighter Days", for Ocean Trax Record. In recent years Cristian profile as a producer has been steadily on the rise. With a string of release on Revox Music, Recycle, Loud Bit and Deeperfect his sound's got a deep house direction in collaboration with great Italian musicians such as Cesare Dell’Anna, Claudio Prima, Michele Calogiuri and more.

In 2009 Cristian Carpentieri established Joyfull Family Records, a vinyl dance record label with a roster of producers and remixers including Guido Nemola, Marcin Czubala, Santorini, Dirty Channells, Veitengruber, Kevin Griffiths, Minimono, Julien Sandre, etc. Cristian Carpentieri now is an integral part of the electronic music scene in South of Italy, he is a resident dj in most important clubs such as Living and Quartiere Latino and has a good reputation as a talent house and techno dj.

Joyfull Family Records, the Salento based label, have already carved a more than decent reputation for itself. Focusing on high quality dancefloor oriented music the label devotes itself to exploring the space between house and deep house with a flavour of tech sensation.

Every release includes remixes by very important european producers from underground dance movement such as Marcin Czubala, Veitengruber, Kevin Griffiths, David Keno, Julien Sandre, Minimono etc.