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JOLLY ROGER (SOUND OF PIRATES!) is the name of the label launched by Nicola Fasano (probably one of 2008’s most successful DJs worldwide) and Steve Forest (who enjoyed chart success with his personal view of a classic hit such as “Freed from desire”), also known as Fish & Chips. After years of fantastic productions, remixes and international collaborations, that led the talented duo to be among the most sought after, on a worldwide basis, the need to grow and enrich their own experiences in the music business, led to the launch of this new entity. To undertake this new adventure, the Jolly Roger label decided to rely on one of the most well-established companies such as Do It Yourself Music Group. The first project to be released out of this collaboration is “75 Brazil Street”, directly delivered from the TOP 100 sales of Beatport (highlighting an amazing #1). The “75 Brazil Street" track contains a replayed sample of Chicago’s "Street Player", better known among the younger people and the dance community for being the core used by The Bucketheads on their smash hit "The Bomb (these sounds fall into my mind)".

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.