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Our new baby at JaGoo-Network, is the new record label JaGoo-Records. A young and fresh electronic music label, based in Stuttgart (South Germany). Alongside events and booking-agency, we expand our spectrum and show our ideas of sexy and modern electronic club music. Mostly in cooperation with jagoo-artists. Just running events and booking-agency was not enough…

The Style is flexible, but shall find the way to the dancefloor, not too fast or to hard… but sexy. Or like Andrew Weatherall said: “… sexy for the girls and hard enough for the boys.”

A new door will open to offer a solid musical base for temporary club music – pressed in vinyl and as digital-release. Music-exchange and experimentations between jagoo-artists in a international way – that’s our intension. A digital sublabel will follow soon, for all the other cool stuff. Watch out!

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Blind Orbit Worm


Orbit Worm

VÖ-Datum: 03.03.2017
Label: jagoo records
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