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Jackmode Music



Jackmode agency represents dynamic and cutting edge talent, who collectively share a passion for House and Techno music. With a roster that musically traverses the sounds of deep house, tech-house Baile funk and tropical to name a few, it sets itself apart as a truly progressive agency. Influences span from hip hop to classical and african rhythms to Baltimore, each artist brings their own unique flavor. With a fresh, new lineup, Jackmode steps back into the field of contemporary dance music, an electic but considered roster makes for a very promising and exciting future.

In the last 5 years, German agency Jackmode has made quite a stir with their party-starting abilities and a keen ear for a good dance floor gem. They’ve also introduced stellar line-up of new talents – some of which are Adana Twins, Kruse & Nuernberg, Round Table Knights and Doctor Dru. Their most recent endeavour is a fitting snapshot that exposes everything great about them with ‘5 Years of Jackmode’ – the sort of record they’ve built their reliable reputation on.

Starting off the Jackmode birthday on their 2 disc offering, is a 20-track compilation by Brazilian boy wonder himself, HNQO. First track, ‘Don’t Stop,’ sees him his groove-centric form, with Club Idol’s ghetto vocals combined expertly. Follow-up number, Mat. Joe’s ‘Ride’, does exactly as it’s the title suggests, with its clever Run DMC sample emphasising the artist-and the label’s-continuing taste for unlikely approaches.

Label main man Doctor Dru’s ‘U Don’t’ builds up around a bulging swollen bassline – and the same can be said of Monkey Safari’s expectedly ‘jacking’ ‘Got the Jack’. Whereas Zombie Disco Squad’s ‘Brooklyn in the House’ selects moodier methods with clattering percussion. Death on the Balcony’s ‘Move Like Fire’ glides more subtly at lackadaisical pace, before Joyce Muniz’s ‘Sleepless’ paves a frantic culmination with its sporadic lyrics and beautifully chord-filled progression.

The old-school ethos comes to the fore on Monte’s ‘You Should Know,’ a record that shines with a camp outlook that wouldn’t seem out of place in 1986. Fabo’s ‘My Way’ drags down into a dark alleyway, before Penner+Muder aptly wave goodbye to CD1 with ‘Love You Some More,’ a delicate, waif-like record bolstered by the presence of Mr. Daniel Wilde.

Dizzying eclecticism and stirring arrangements continue on Jackmode’s second serving – kick-started to life by Filterypen’s stripped-back ‘Keep That Shhh’. Spanish producer Sishi Rosch pushes the envelope further with his warbling, tech-house inclined ‘Badboi,’ with similar traits coursing throughout O&A’s ‘Alligator Jazz’. Mercury’s ‘Life is Lovely’ forces parallels with classic disco cuts, Jamie Anderson goes all Balearic on ‘Crucial Dub’ and Homework do an epic Hacienda impression with ‘By Definition’.