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italo business



Italo Business is an Italian record, digital and netlabel, created in 2005, run by DJ Dandi & Ugo and Alessandro Piatto. DJ Dandi & Ugo are the italian DJ and producers Duo based in Forli. The name ''Piatto'' stands for a combo, that is the brothers Davide and Alessandro, founders of the group N-O.I.A., probably one of the first italian electronic musical group.

Based in the italian ''East Coast'', the Italo Business label group has become a well knownly electronic music pusher thanks to the support and collaborration os many international talented producers. The label's main purpose from the very beginning was to develop the Techno, Minimal, Tech House and Deep House Sound culture around the world, and due to their succes and thoughout its releases it seems they succeeded in achieving their goal.

Sublabels : Logical Musik, Relogical Records.

Artists on this label : Kloden, DJ Dandi & Ugo, Alessandro Piatto, fabio giannelli, Santorini, Guido Nemola, A.K.O., Ember, Franco Bianco, Lucas Romagnuolo, Miguel Varela, Carbon, Kreislauff, Dodek, Sheinkk, Lazy Evaluation, Leonid Nevermind, Kanio, Pank, Solid Stare, Bertech, James Rod, DJ Mark Morris, amongst many others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.