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Italians Do It Better was founded in New Jersey, United States back in June 2006 by Mike Simonetti, Johnny Jewel aka Twenty-Six. The Record label was and continues to be even more inspirational, focusing on music and art as it intertwines, almost until itís indistinguishable.
For any disco bands, there is no greater home than Italians Do It Better. Johnny Jewel and his cohorts have been driving the genre in daring, exotic directions since 2007. Back then, Jewel released a stellar DJ mix of his signees called After Dark. The collection sparkled with all the glitter and finesse of discoís finest hour in the 70s, but also pushed the envelope in terms of experimental endeavors and personable artistry. Italians Do It Better picks their acts carefully, and not a one Among them is ignorable. Now, more than half a decade into the labelís heyday, Johnny Jewel has curated a sequel to his interstellar mix to show how far he and his friends have come in the past six years. After Dark 2 was announced July of 2012, and after a year of cutting the record down to size, we now have it. After Dark 2 shows that every act on Jewelís label has grown and flourished in the last couple years, and not a single track on this mix deserves to be ignored. Itís the perfect one stop shop for spacey grooves, disco vibes, and ENDLESS finesse. Jewel and his team have curated a near-perfect representation of all Italians Do It Better has to offer.

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Johnny Jewel Lost River (OST/3LP/Purple Vinyl!)

Johnny Jewel

Lost River (OST/3LP/Purple Vinyl!)

VÖ-Datum: 09.09.2016
Label: italians do it better

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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.