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irma casa di primordine



Irma CasaDIPrimordine represents the Italian record label based in Bologna.

Irma Records was born in Bologna, Italy in 1988. When the few independent labels of the time were dealing with rock music, the artistic director Umbi Damiani and the general manager Massimo Benini formed a production team together with a small circle of dance DJ's and producers from the Bologna area, including Claudio Moz-Art Rispoli ( future founder of Jestofunk ), Cesare Collina ( aka Tito Valdez ), Cesare Cera ( Black Mighty Wax ), Checco Montefiori ( Montefiori Cocktail + Kekkotronics ) and Luca Trevisi ( LTJ X-perience ). The name Irma has a peculiar origin.

The building where Irma started business was a former famous brothel named "Irma Casadiprimordine" ( first class house ) after the Madame who used to run it. So the name was kept for the label and coupled with the image of Irma La Douce, character of a famous 60's movie."