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international freakshow



International Freakshow represents the Berlin based music label established in 2006 and it’s a subdivision of Weave Music, the German techno label founded in October 2003 by Edgar Dirksen.

International Freakshow is focused toward more experimental, stripped down and modern minimal techno tracks. We’d like to offer an environment for various projects, artist and newcomer worldwide. We are pleased to invite and show you our Artists and theirs performances at the “International Freakshow Events".

First release is brought by one of the hottest US minimal techno act’s nowadays. Butane run’s Alphahouse Music and released a month ago a 12″ for Dumb Unit. Butane starts the show and delivers 3 tracks fully loaded with weirdo kitchen samples, creepy sounds in the background and bubbling elastic basslines.

International Freakshow presents in its back catalogue releases from acts like: Matt Starr, Jens Zimmermann, Nima Gorji, Leon, Butane, Alejandro Vivanco, Fausto Messina, Tim Green, Kasbah Zoo, Matthias Vogt, youAndme, amongst several others.

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Matthias Vogt Bliss (Robert Dietz Remix)

Matthias Vogt

Bliss (Robert Dietz Remix)

VÖ-Datum: 27.07.2011
Label: international freakshow
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