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IMITAT is a German label, founded by Turgut Kocer in 2011, basically serving the experimental minimal house and techno music scene.
It does not only focus on the DJ market, but ensures that productions keep a certain amount of dance-ability, combined with humorous outcome, achieved by unusual voice looping of phrases.
IMITAT dogmas:
- music must be 90% electronic
- funny, not taking itself too serious (you may call it cabaret-minimal-house)
- German lyrics are appreciated
- the meaning of music on IMITAT is based on kind of (childhood) experiences in German suburbs, villages and preferably quite not-so-cool areas. This is very important to release the burden of serious images from the recent intelligent minimal scene as nothing can be awkward enough to be held back from stylish concepts where producers move to Berlin or Cologne to enhance their vita. This is not interesting for IMITAT as it follows a kind of German identity policy.
- IMITAT is not intended to be distributed by anyone in the whole world. It does not release stuff to be more easily distributed by fancy minimal distributors or to be listed by Cherrypickers.
- IMITAT is very selective in the meaning of its releases, but not super-arrogant on the certain style (as you may have already noticed a 10-track-super-radical-noise-record is nothing IMITAT would ever release, but maybe a very funny and political vocal-techno-release that puts a smile on your face on each track). It only releases stuff that is interesting enough to bother the poor listeners with (as we are all consumers, we know that it is a painstaking journey to deal with all the stuff that is released today). A perfect and groundbreaking sober DJ-Minimal-House-record can be released elsewhere (no namedropping), but not on IMITAT.
IMITAT starts with music that has been produced by Turgut Kocer first, but you are welcome to send your material. In future IMITAT would like to cover a nice and small artist roster.

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Bluff Herz Ist Trumpf


Herz Ist Trumpf

VÖ-Datum: 24.06.2011
Label: imitat
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.