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ILISHO Records



Having decided to produce their own music, Yuriy Karpenko and Sergey Yan, began experimenting on Ableton Live in 2009. Later, their experience and interest helped them to consider opening an indie label together. They have started up the label for their works, as well as for other young producers and compositions, who have the same interest and want their music to be spread outside the boundaries of limited local scene.

"Ilisho Records" is an electronic music indie label. The electronic music artists who are in the range of such experimental music styles as: Techno, Deep Techno, Deep House, Dubstep, Dark Ambient, Hardcore and any other non-standard solutions are always welcome to join us as it is a great opportunity to spread music and make it more recognizable. If you are interested in joining our project you may send e-mail and we will contact you...