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Iceberg Records



Iceberg Records is a progressive, independent record label with a stern focus on pop and rock. With over 30 years in the business, have we created a unique international network. Several of our bands and artists have been released internationally, partially worldwide, to both majors as well as independent labels.

Through the years Iceberg Records has enjoyed success in a variety of genres. Scatman John was Iceberg’s biggest sales success worldwide, with 4,5 m albums sales, 4,5 m single sales and more than 30 mill. compilations. The Iceberg roster includes BMI acclaimed glam-rockers The Blue Van and prog-rockers Dúné, as well as a bevy of new developing artists, such as Sarah Burgess (US), Eversby and Petterson and many more.

Over the last 30 years we have signed artists across a variety of genres. Our roster includes a vast catalogue of international hits. You will find an overview of our artists, facts on bands, discographies and more.
Sublabel: Pure Pop Records.

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blue van,the would you change your life?

blue van,the

would you change your life?

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Label: iceberg records
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