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Hydrofunk Records is an independent Australian hip hop record label that represents a number of Australian acts including the Resin Dogs and Def Wish Cast.

Hydrofunk Records started in 1994 as a series of hip hop events to give local artists an avenue to perform.

In 1995, Hydrofunk founder DJ Katch met Dave Atkins through various live funk, jazz, and hip hop projects. Together they decided to form Hydrofunk Records in response to Brisbane’s lack of outlets for underground hip hop.

In 1997 Hydrofunk released its first L.P. with Blunted Stylus's self titled record. One year later Hydrofunk released Resin Dogs' Grinnin' which received significant airplay on both local and national radio. This success enabled Hydrofunk Records to secure a label distribution deal with Virgin/EMI in 1999. In 2002, Hydrofunk Records licensed its first overseas label, London's underground hip hop label, Low Life Records with artists likeRodney P, Braintax and Jehst.

In 2007 Hydrofunk created a new label, Hydropunk Records. Its first release on Hydropunk Records is Brisbane band Godnose.