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Houztekk Records represents the legendary Austrian music label launched back in 1994.

Detroit-influenced deepness, no-nonsense techno, sophisticated jazz-house variations and electronic playfulness – these are the musical cornerstones of the Linz-based label Houztekk. This is where musicians as widely different as Didi Bruckmayr (Mussurunga) and Ken Hayakawa meet; one of them a demonic crooner, the other a meticulous constructor of melodious minimalism. As co-founder Maximilian Meindl describes the connecting element between its artists, the “sound of Houztekk”: “They all embody their music, they live it. Their music sounds the way they really are.” Authenticity is a must.

The other minds behind Houztekk, apart from Maximilian Meindl, aka “M-Fx”, are Jürgen Höglinger (Uciel) and Thomas Kronlacher (nutrasweet). The project was launched around 20 years ago, in the garage of one of their grandmothers. Since the early nineties, these progressive free thinkers have not only demonstrated their overriding passion for music, but also a keen sense of new trends in club culture. While at first, one of the main concerns was the elaborate integration of visuals, today the focus lies more on trying to bridge the gap between party and high culture.

Thus, recent Houztekk releases include Wolfgang Dorninger’s mini-album Mund und Ohr gefesselt, an enchanting cross between chanson, trip hop, and sound art. The project MKID feat. Didi Bruckmayr is based on the creative clash between performatively presented social criticism in the lyrics and driving old-school sequences. Ogris Debris and Ritornell are at least partly rooted in avant-garde music. Electric Indigo was on stage at the Klangspuren Festival, composed for the Kosmos Theatre in Vienna, but is also active in the international scene. As for more “classic” floor fillers, there are, amongst others, Italian Alexander Robotnick or Scotsman Dave Tarrida. With Patrick Pulsinger, there is also a veteran of the Austrian club scene. Pulsinger also is in charge of mastering at Houztekk.

Apart from their work at the label, Meindl, Höglinger and Kronlacher also are well-known event organizers They created the futuristic “Generator” parties, the Drum ‘n’ Bass series “Direktantrieb” and the “Houztekk Headquarter Tour”. Under the header “Elektromotor”, they organize a series of avant-garde music events, “Perpetuum Mobile” brought electronic music to the traditional inn. The “Houztekk Festival” is a three-day open air.