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HouzeSlave Records



HouzeSlave Records was born in 2009 and originated from the idea to do some own in our Business.All the "Jackz" who involved and will be involved are Slaves of their own Styles. No Copy of any other Style and no wanna be..s in here. We are the Game and our homies and buddys knows what it means to be a HouzeSlave! It..s the whole passion to our music. We do it in our style and our way. And nothing can stop us. We live the music which we will drop in the ear of the world! We have noticed that we cannot run away...away from the spell of music... we give our self back to him, with full heart and full strength. This is the basis on which we work and how this family will become bigger & bigger. We use that trees which other peoples do not recognise or see and build our HOUZE on it! Big ups & Thanks to all the "Jackz" who give their power into this family!