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Home Made Electronica



Home Made Electronica:

Home Made Electronica, Croatia, is a record and a publishing company releasing innovative dance music and bedroom electronica. Idiosyncratic in it's approach, Home Made opened it's doors for quality music primarily made by Croatian artists with a mission to bring their creative output from the artists' rooms to the whereabouts of it's supporters worldwide. Focused on different release formats, Home Made cherishes love for CD Albums and Vinyl EP's while recognizing the significance of digital distribution in reaching supporters of Music With Attitude.

Musically speaking, Home Made, Music with Mediterranean soul and Balkan Attitude is about complexity of rhythm and melody, and the emotional charge neccecary for the Art of Dance. With a feeling for artistic expression, Home Made continues to push the boundaries of how club music should sound like and provides DJs with sophisticated music that has a club vibe which reminds us why we like to dance.

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