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HitSquad Records



Cool music productions are our passion. Our technical level has no limits and potentially takes the whole things even two steps further. In the beginning of the 90s we therefore had the cheek to build a studio complex in the middle of Vienna, enabling us to compete on an international level and meeting even the highest standards – our own. With this equipment at hand we can offer all types of music productions and recordings.

Founded in October 2000, we released numerous recordings in the Musical Theatre genre and did so very successfully: all the productions of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien so far reached at least gold or platinum status, e.g. Elisabeth, Romeo & Julia, Rebecca, The Producers, Spring Awakening, Dracula, Der Graf Von Monte Cristo, Rudolf – Affaire Mayering, Tanz Der Vampire, Jesus Christ Superstar, etc. Our Elisabeth – DVD went sextuple-platinum, setting a new Austrian record for music DVD sales and was all-year-number-one in 2006.

Our motto for all productions is simple but effective: THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.