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historia & violencia



Historia Y Valencia represents the Los Angeles label run by Santiago Salazar and Juan Mendez.

Sandwell District’ man-of-the-moment, Juan Mendez (aka Silent Servant) and a half of Ican, Santiago Salazar team up to set up a new record label, "Historia y Violencia" (History and Violence).

Historia y Violencia’ sound sits somewhere in between Berlin and Detroit, with a large dose of futuristic funk and deepness. Electronic Directory talks both Silent Servant and Santiago Salazar to find out what we can expect from them.

Santiago Salazar / Silent Servant – Santuario / Lo Profundo [Historia y Violencia – h&v001]

Santiago Salazar and Silent Servant have launched a brand new label, Historia y Violencia (History and Violence). This release in particular stuck out for me because of the Hard Wax-ish qualities and deep and dark atmosphere, which segues neatly into the Historia y Violencia signature track with its many influences worn lightly and blended successfully. Santiago drops a heavy minimal-techno with a twisted groove, which builds into pure electronic madness. Silent Servant brings a proper deep and dubby techno, which draws you right in from the start. Excellent.