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Hissy Fit



Hissy Fit is the brainchild of the Moustache Mamas, part New York, part London composed of a US East-Coast sensibility and a UK North East sense of humour.

Like hangovers, labels come and labels go. One week’s must have is next week’s must not, in a world fully loaded with hyperbole it’s seems just as important to spin a story as it is a record. Whilst we could go on some sort of extended written monologue about how this label is different, about how we care about music and about this is our dream like some PR-fed X-Factor contestant. That would be both really boring and completely pointless, more hype and no knickers.

Hissy Fit it’s a vehicle to be able to work with the artists and release the music they love, to give something physical (yes all releases will be pressed on vinyl) to the people that spend all that time dancing when the girls are DJing. The Mamas have then built up a reputation of being Grade-A party starters across Europe, playing at the rawest of parties, and outshining some of the boys in the 'boys club'. Their approach to DJing is mirrored in their approach to starting Hissy Fit, the girls are serious about their music even if the music itself doesn’t need to be serious.

Hissy Fit then is one release old, waving a sole middle finger in the air whilst awaiting number two.