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high contrast nubreed



Highcontrast Nu Breed represents the sister label of the long-running label, High Contrast Recordings.

High Contrast Recordings represents the Netherlands based electronic dance music label founded in 2005. The ethos behind High Contrast is reflective in its very name; the showcasing of ‘high’ quality, ground breaking music across a ‘contrast’ of different genres. It really doesn’t matter if a track is tech house, techno, trance, electro, or whatever. If it makes a good record, and the quality is sublime, it’s make the grade for release on High Contrast.

In the ever changing face of dance music, there are few labels who can lay claim to holding a consistent track record in the spawning of impeccable music that caters to a vast spectrum of music aficionados. High Contrast, a sibling from the Be Yourself Music house, is one that can.

High Contrast is the label where big room music is born; not once or twice a year, but all year round. Its catalogue of successes is vast, and the backbone behind it is equipped with an arsenal of dance music knowledge, achievements and experience carried over from ID&T’s music era.

Sister labels: Arnej Music, Big & Dirty, Brennan Heart Music, Derailed Traxx, Dirty Soul, Flamingo Recordings, Free For All, Garuda, Get Wipped! Records, Hardsoul Pressings, ID&T, In Charge, Keep It Up Music, Lights N Loaded Records, Lose Control Music, WE R.

High Contrast Nu Breed has released since its inception in 2008 over 170 releases and its artists roster includes acts such as: Anton Sonon, Danjo, Dennis Shepperd, Terry Ferminal, Moonbeam, Cor Fidjneman, Delta3, Ali Mahmud, Matthew Hall, Alan Morris, Tommgoff, Robert Gitelman, amongst many others.