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Hemi Sapiens Records



A Hamburg based label. the idea of Hemi Sapiens came up at a flat in East London in 2007.. I do ever not dare enough to declare myself as a Homo Sapiens.

a founder of the label George Uilta has a long time association with the scene. one of the project which also a first EP's artist "Groovuscule"
last couple of years, worked closely with UK scene.
respectably the first full album will finally be released from Mesmobeat. a label owned by a long standing British project Eat Static.

this label Hemi Sapiens stands for releasing Groovuscule's high standard works exclusively and more constantly.

it is happy enough as much as the half of the result made by my humanity. sounds will take the responsibility for the other half.

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Groovuscule Simple Hydrogen Ep


Simple Hydrogen Ep

VÖ-Datum: 27.12.2010
Label: hemi sapiens records
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