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Heavy Reel



Heavy Reel:

Newly formed imprint Heavy Reel is the brainchild of prominent Irish DJ/Producers Darren Rice and Djamel. The label will be an outlet for forward-thinking electronic music. You won't find flavour-of-the-month here, nor run-of-the-mill. Music by numbers shit can run right along. There will be fuck-all consistency release-wise, but total consistency in terms of quality. Initially the label will see releases coming from both label bosses with some of the world's top talent providing remixes. Core to the label's ethos will be to provide a platform for artists doing it on a national level to feature on the label, favouring those doing it a little differently.

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Ian O'Donovan Medera

Ian O'Donovan


VÖ-Datum: 07.10.2013
Label: heavy reel
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